Halloween Candy Alternatives

With all the candy being passed out, Halloween can be a really scary night for teeth.   There are lots of fun alternatives that are sure to keep many (probably not all) trick or treaters smiling throughout the night.  Not to mention, these ideas will also help keep their smiles much healthier without all that sugar!  And, this is sure to keep mom and dad happier!

Here are a few ideas to consider as Halloween approaches:

  • Glow sticks/Necklaces/Bracelets: Not only are these fun for kids to twirl around in the dark, but it will also help them be seen at night
  • Temporary tattoos: Have a variety of designs for kids to choose from, and give them something to look forward to doing in the morning
  • Super balls: These tiny little bouncy balls are sure to keep the kiddos entertained at least until the end of your sidewalk
  • Fake/Plastic Bugs: They may be not be fun for us, but kids love playing with these creepy crawlers.
  • Mini Toys:  Lots of places sell mini toys in large quantities.  They will entertain children a lot longer than a piece of candy.
  • Pencils:  Get Halloween themed pencils.  Kids love showing off cool designs at school.
  • Stickers: Always a safe bet and are fun to play with.
  • Playdough:  Who doesn’t like playdough?
  • Coloring Books & Crayons: Kids love to color.  You can easily find small coloring books and     crayons on line.
  • Spider/Bat Rings: Nothing says Halloween like a big black plastic spider or bat!
  • Outrageous Accessories:  Accessories are a great treat!  A cool pirate eye patch, animal face mask, whistles or fun key rings would be a huge hit.
  • Yo-Yos: Kids can learn to walk the dog like a pro!
  • Non-Candy Treats: If you want to hand out something edible, go with a healthier alternative like mini bags of goldfish, pretzels or raisins