Why do Dentures Click?

  1. What makes you tick makes them click: Dentures being loose and separate from real teeth means they can move and be removed. Just like other nervous habits that develop, like biting nails, you may find yourself clicking your dentures absentmindedly. But this can cause wear and prevent them from being securely attached. A different option is more helpful here.
  2. Check the Fit: Dentures that may physically fit into your mouth may not actually be secured properly. This can cause clicking while eating, laughing, or talking because the denture is loosened and moving. This is the most common cause of denture clicking, but one of the most overlooked. Many times, a complete replacement is the best option in this case.
  3. Find the Right Height: The muscles in your mouth may disagree with dentures. Your jaw closes at one point, and if the dentures do not match this level, they may make a clicking sound when closing. If dentures are too tall, this may happen unexpectedly as you shut your mouth, and if they are too short it may not close at all. Since it is difficult to retrain your jaw and muscles to shut differently, replacing the dentures or finding a new solution is the better option.

Which solution is the best for you? Consider Mini Dental Implants. Implants insert a new replacement titanium “root” unto the jawbone to anchor your dentures securely. These posts will fuse to the jawbone in 3-6 months and anchor your dentures, assuring that the clicking of a loose fit is a thing of the past.

Dentures that are secured with mini dental implants won’t shift or slip like dentures and do not need to be removed for cleaning. They only require one office visit without sutures, and you can use your new teeth the same day! No more denture solution or removing dentures before bed, no more having to avoid foods like steak and corn. It’s as simple as natural teeth. Mini Dental Implants are the click-free solution for dentures.

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