Floss Like A Boss

We have all heard the old saying that each of us has the same 24 hours in a day, but if you’re anything like most of us it just never seems to feel that way.

Between the hustle and bustle of kids, the house, careers, and you time (remember what that is?), little things like flossing can quickly be overlooked. For most of us, brushing away morning breath, and freshening up your smile before bed feel like enough dental hygiene for us. After all, if our teeth look white and feel fresh, what could be so bad about skipping the floss?

A ton!

Flossing removes the plaque and buildup that lies under your gums, where your toothbrush can’t reach.  Imagine not brushing for a week (ewwww!), that same yuck that would be on your teeth is what is under your gums when you skip the string for a week. Left untreated, this buildup under the gum line can eat away at the bone holding that is  your teeth in, resulting in periodontal disease, bone loss, and eventually lost teeth.

So how do you, the million-hat-wearer, remember to take a few minutes during brush time, to floss your teeth as well? Here are some helpful tips that we find useful…

  1. Set your floss right beside your toothbrush. This will help you remember that important step when it’s dental hygiene time.
  2. Set a reminder on your phone. At least for the first 30 days, set a reminder to alert you when it is time to floss. Many people agree that once you have repeated an action diligently for 30 consecutive days, it will naturally become a habit.
  3. Keep a post it note by the coffee or vitamins. Many people already have a number of daily habits that they adhere to pretty religiously, such as their morning Joe fix, or multivitamins. Placing a visible reminder such as a post it note (or even your floss if you don’t mind it in the kitchen) will help you sync the two tasks together.

For more great ways to help you floss like a boss, talk to your dental hygienist.