We offer both in-office and take-home whitening options.

Get a bright new smile

A whiter smile can make a big difference to a person’s appearance and self-confidence. Nothing rejuvenates a face more than a bright, white smile. Dr. Burden offers several professional whitening options for brightening your teeth by several shades.

While over-the-counter teeth whiteners can make your teeth look a bit whiter, they only affect the exterior stains. They don’t really whiten the engrained stains that live in the micro-cracks in your enamel.

Dr. Burden has whitening procedures that reach deeper and produce better results than over-the-counter whiteners.

Professional take-home whitening trays

Dr. Burden also offers White & Brite 3M professional-strength whitening gels for at-home whitening. This powerful whitener uses a 22% peroxide solution for a deeper whitening and shorter wear times. It only takes 20-30 minutes, twice a day for two weeks. You can expect to see your teeth brighten up to three shades lighter!

Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

Get a complimentary cosmetic consultation and discuss which whitening options will work best for your teeth. You can also learn more about our different cosmetic dentistry procedures.

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Smile evaluation
  • SNAP! digital imaging, to get a preview of how your smile could look
  • Discuss your smile goals
  • Learn your options
  • Get your questions answered

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